In the spring of 1912 in Shandong, China, our late Elder Chang Barnabas was led by the Holy Spirit to establish a mission – True Jesus Mission.



What are the true doctrines of True Jesus Mission?

The entire Bible is doctrinal by itself. Therefore, there are too many teachings to be confined to a list. While the main themes are two (love God and love Man as thyself), Apostle Paul had said that any teaching that is edifying for the people and the church is good.

In True Jesus Mission, we instruct believers to follow closely to the many teachings in the Bible with believing hearts. However, our basic tenets are:

  • There is only one God (not trinity) where the father, son and spirit are one. God’s name is Jesus, the Christ and our Lord.
  • God is a spirit and does not condone idol-worship
  • Baptism in living waters (and the washing of feet)
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Keeping the Sabbath day holy (and all the commandments of love: for God and for man as thyself). The 7th day of the week, Sabbath day starts Friday sunset till Saturday sunset.
  • No man-made days for God (Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Ash Wednesday, etc.)
  • Jesus is the embodiment of Grace and Law
  • Maintain the characteristics of godliness
  • Heaven and Hell are both in this world
  • Judgement happens on earth
  • Eternal Life & Salvation (correspondingly is to live forever in the spirit & the gift of peace/safety)
  • Coming Life (coming again in our future life after death)
  • Second Coming of Christ is the Holy Spirit
  • Pray in the spirit with “Hallelujahs”. Pray in tongues and prophesy (per experiences of the apostles during Pentecost)
  • Last thousand years – Jubilee
  • New Jerusalem City holds the true church of God. This is the holy city of the living God, at the holy Mount Zion of the End Times. These are references to True Jesus Mission.
  • Immorality is not condoned. While it is not compulsory to be married, marriage between man and wife is a sacred institution and must be kept faithful till death. Divorce is never recommended.

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